Citing Standards

This page conveys permission for you to include copies of the standards statements in your document or Web site with appropriate reference to the publications.

Our standards are intended to guide sound evaluations of programs, personnel, and students. We encourage the use of our standards whenever possible.

It should be noted that the standard statements alone do not convey the full measure of any standard as care has been taken to provide full guidelines and principles for application of these standards within each publication. We encourage users to explore fuller meaning of each standard through our supporting publications prior to use.

The following sets of standards are the most recent to have been developed and released by the Joint Committee:

Yarbrough, D.B., Shula, L.M., Hopson, R.K., Caruthers, F.A. (2010).The Program Evaluation Standards: A guide for evaluators and evaluation users (3rd. Ed). Thousand Oaks, CA:Corwin Press.

Gullickson, A.R., Howard, B.B. (2009).The Personnel Evaluation Standards: How to assess systems for evaluating educators (2nd Ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

Klinger, D.A., McDivitt, P.R.,Howard, B.B., Munoz, M.A., Rogers, W.T., & Wylie, E.C. (2015).The Classroom Assessment Standards for PreK-12 Teachers. Kindle Direct Press.